About Barrett Industries

The Beginning of Barrett Industries

In the 1850s, our founder, Samuel E. Barrett, saw the need for new and innovative solutions for America’s expanding roadway system. Throughout Barrett Industries’ more than 160-year history, his innovative spirit has driven our ongoing efforts to meet the needs of our customers. We are proud to always rise to the challenge, whether it involves paving an Interstate, constructing a new regional airport, or finding ways to preserve the country’s four million miles of paved highways.

Today, Barrett Industries is a family of subsidiary companies that work together to provide a diverse range of services to meet customers’ paving and construction needs. Throughout our operation, our employees are committed to providing our customers with unmatched products, services—and solutions.

Barrett Industries is a subsidiary of Colas USA, part of a larger group of companies under Colas SA – the worldwide leader in transportation infrastructure construction and maintenance.

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Barrett Paving Materials

Ohio / New York / Indiana / Kentucky

We promise to provide dependable services and quality products that will last the expected life cycle of your project.

It is difficult to secure a dependable road building company that is resourceful and will offer a wide range of quality paving services and exceptional road building materials while considering your budget. At Barrett Paving, we provide paving solutions, trucking services, and exceptional management from project inception to project completion. We help you avoid wasting time and money on inferior products and services by establishing a superior partnership for completing your paving project successfully.